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We provide more than just fittings: We provide solutions You know us as the world's leading company for hardware. We specifically develop new ideas, products and services that shape, supplement and extend the scope of what we provide. All with the aim of providing you with made-to-measure and economical solutions that will make you more competitive.


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Ajit R Menon - C.R.K.Menon and Associates

C.R.K.Menon and Associates was established 35 years ago under Chief Architect.C.R.K.Menon. Since 2000 the firm has been headed by architect Ajit R Menon , and the flagship firm is known as menonArchitects.
The building designed by the firm has stood the test of time and age .The executed projects are a proof of our deep involvement in each and every project we undertake for our clients. As trusted professionals we have made our mark in the minds of the people through years of dedicated service in the field of design and architecture.

Who we are.

We believe that creative practice of architecture should adhere to both man's and nature's needs. And we stand tall in this industry of transforming spaces into homes and offices you dream of!!