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We provide more than just fittings: We provide solutions You know us as the world's leading company for hardware. We specifically develop new ideas, products and services that shape, supplement and extend the scope of what we provide. All with the aim of providing you with made-to-measure and economical solutions that will make you more competitive.


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Ameeta Sharma Menon & Krishnendu Menon- Mu Design

|µ:Mu| the constant was derived from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water. In various cultures and religions µ(MU) symbolizes various derivatives of purity. But what we like to believe in is the Japanese understanding of µ is a state of nothingness...

Who we are.

Design Philosophy:

Mu design follows these principle to cater to a wide range of design projects from architecture, interiors to landscape. As a whole it provides balance by minimalist or heritage based thoughts with the right use and sensitivity towards technology and materials.

Design for us is an existence defined by characters like minimalism, modern, contemporary. The firm is currently in its eighth year and caters to a niche clientele based in the commercial, residential, hospitality and luxury design sectors. The firm believes in the purity of design as a functional mechanism
that is very specific and exclusive to each project.