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We provide more than just fittings: We provide solutions You know us as the world's leading company for hardware. We specifically develop new ideas, products and services that shape, supplement and extend the scope of what we provide. All with the aim of providing you with made-to-measure and economical solutions that will make you more competitive.


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Graandprix Elevators India

HOME ELEVATORS Graand Prix has been providing customized solutions in vertical transportation for the last 9 years. Our elevators upkeep the promise of latest technology and design. More than 2000 customers all over India have benefited from these solutions. Graand Prix has offices across the country to provide unmatched services for its esteemed customer. These Home Elevators are technically and esthetically designed for domestic use. With options of different dimensions Graand Prix can offer a Home Elevator for any kind. DOMUSTLIFT FROM ITALY Our elevators represent its association with IGV Group SpA-Italy, for their world class DomusLift (Hydraulic Home Elevators). IGV- pioneer in introducing Hydraulic elevators, is amongst top five elevator manufacturers in Europe. IGV exports its creations to more than 63 countries, across the globe and we are proud that India has been added to the list! PNEUMATIC VACCUM ELEVATORS : Fully imported from Star Elevators LLC, Dubai Most advanced technology in elevator industry developed in Florida, USA Vacuum driven Entirely circular shape 3600 panoramic view Visually appealing Mechanical parts almost invisible Operates on Single Phase (230V) Does not require Pit, Shaft or Machine Room Only 1 meter dia open space for installation Self-standing system Minimal maintenance cost Absolute safety: in the event of a power failure, the elevator cab automatically escends to the lowest level SWIMMING POOLS MYRTHA POOLS, Italy, are the most exclusive and advanced technology in Swimming Pools. Launching patented pre-engineered modular pool system, built in Galvanized/Stainless Steel Panels. The Panels are built and transported in kit form considering the finalised Pool layout received from Customer(s). All panels are assembled at site and the process is as simple as a LEGO. This advanced technology provides the ideal solution to many limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures and ordinary prefabricated swimming pools. The new Technology has great advantages: Quick Installation. Customized according to requirement (shape & Size). Light-weight as no use of concrete. Low Maintenance costs. 20 years structural warranty. Since the inner surface is coated with liner, there is no possibility of leakages. Easily adaptable structure. Wide range of Finishes available. Latest filtration systems that assure you of purest water. THE PRIDE MOBILITY These revolutionary battery operated scooters (three and four wheeled) can be used indoor as well as outdoors. Manufactured as per the highest U.S.A. standard for safety, these battery operated scooters come in basic to highly sophisticated models with various features. The Pride Mobility is a boon for those who have been left immobile due to various reasons and those who like to move around without using much energy. Experience the freedom of movement at the click of a button! FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS The latest innovation in fire suppression systems, this technology suppresses fire without the use of water! This means no loss of property due to water and that all electrical equipment, crucial papers and other assets remain intact. With no refilling of any sort and a shelf life of 15 years, these models are good to use anywhere!

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We, at Graand Prix, are constantly in pursuit of introducing ultra-luxurious, extraordinary indulgences that redefine extravagance. Our products, which speak for themselves, are imported from the expert countries to guarantee 100% satisfaction of your luxury needs. The key reasons for our success are the world class solutions to suit any need and our unmatched after sales service. We have factory trained technicians to take care of customer needs 24x7. Graand Prix has its office in Mumbai and Channel partners all over India.