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We provide more than just fittings: We provide solutions You know us as the world's leading company for hardware. We specifically develop new ideas, products and services that shape, supplement and extend the scope of what we provide. All with the aim of providing you with made-to-measure and economical solutions that will make you more competitive.


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Directly present in more than 70 countries and marketing its products close to 180 countries worldwide, Legrand Group is a benchmark player operating in a global market. Close to two thirds of its sales are made with products ranking No. 1 or No. 2 in their markets, and it enjoys prominent positions especially in France, Italy, the US, as well as in new economies such as Brazil, Russia, China and India. Legrand’s competitive edge lies in its ability to provide high value-added products and services for both end users and electrical professionals. For Legrand, creating value means coming up with solutions for lower energy consumption, but also integrating product design into the overall development process.

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For over 20 years, Legrand India has been providing integrated solutions for the management of building functions such as lighting, heating, energy, networks and access control. The Legrand Group’s business is the design, development and marketing of both simple and innovative electrical and digital systems for easier communication, reinforced safety and security, and enhanced comfort in buildings.