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International Sports Complex, Sayli

Government of Dadra & Nagar Haveli
It is a great sign for any city if the administration puts forth a citizen first policy. The administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, in October 2013, proposed the national competition for an International Sports Complex (I.S.C.) in Sayli (a village neighboring Silvassa).
Design Plus’ winning entry, is a comprehensive, international sporting complex in the heart of west India. The complex shall attempt to breed sporting champions for the union territory and the country. Locally, it shall expand the social and health infrastructure of its neighborhood and the city. It caters to the regional evolving demography and institutional population as a lifestyle destination. Its existence shall expand on the existing sports infrastructure of the region in addition to becoming an urban landmark, formally and functionally.
As a grand vision, I.S.C. would assist the administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli to draw in an IPL match, and eventually aim towards forming its own ranji team.
The existing terrain of the site was useful, for the master-plan, at various levels. It was critical to provide a Clear Zoning and Circulation for both spectator and players. On match days the ISC is equipped to simultaneously manage above 25,000 spectators and protected players by segregating their respective movement at different levels. While, the spectators are oriented with dynamic circulation paths treated with specific texture and formal loyalty to the roof profile; the players move on more restricted sub-level corridors.
The terrain also benefits in providing designing the services of the 30 acre campus - be it for following natural drain patterns for waste management or limited digging to provide parking.
For non-match days, the complex is open to residents/athletes/corporates to engage with the diverse indoor and outdoor program. Apart from the long list of Outdoor activities as below:
• Cricket Stadium – Capacity – 22,500
• Football Stadium – Capacity – 02,500
• Tennis Arena – Capacity – 00,500
• Indoor Badminton Arena – Capacity – 00,450
• Volleyball Arena – Capacity – 00,520
• Basketball Arena – Capacity – 00,500
• Skating Rink Arena – Capacity – 00,260
• Amphitheater and Running Track Arena – Capacity – 02,100
• Running Tracks - 400m + 100m + 110m Hurdles
• Long Jump
• Archery
• Shot Putt
ISC also offers Club memberships and 5 star Residential facilities as well. The club offers passive recreation options to the visitors such as Lounge + Bar + Spa + Library etc. The hotel offers 44 en-suite rooms with 2 suites. This is envisioned to be used by touring athletic teams or corporates for their events.