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Mujib Ahmed and Lalita Tharani - Collaborative Architecture


T O P O G R A P H Y 1

T O P O G R A P H Y 1

Explores the spatial readings of seemingly ‘arbitrary’ lines scored in a Euclidean space. The ‘Line Vector’ traditionally read as a wall / boundary on an architectural plan, becomes both an interface and a pattern.
The project was conceived as a ‘chilling space’ / Cafeteria during a trade expo in Mumbai. The design intent was to demonstrate the functional and perceptional efficacy of a conceptual space in the confines of a typical program.

The ‘Line Vector’ traverses the space changing its vector, material, functional, tactile and tonal attributes in a distance of 16m giving rise to a unique TOPOGRAPHY.
The light columns rise up from the datum of the Topography, completing the third Vector in the construct, transforming the Pattern to a space with ambivalent and multiple readings and functional attributes.

The material selection was unfortunately limited to the palette of 4 materials offered by the associate vendors sponsoring the endeavor, which included Tiles, Glass Mosaic, Glass & Ferrari fabric. (Tile was not our obvious choice for the ‘Line Vectors’)